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Review: Public Enemy's "Nothing Is Quick In The Desert" Rages Against Trendiness

Because that's just what they do.

Review: Kool G Rap's "Return Of The Don" Suits NYC '90s Hip Hop Heads

For better and worse.

Review: Bizzy Bone & Krayzie Bone Reinvent Bone Thugs' Accessibility With "New Waves"

Welcome to the rebirth.

Review: DJ Khaled & Baby Asahd Nab Gems From Famous Friends On "Grateful"

Another one that happens to a better one than the other one.

Review: With "Big Fish Theory," Vince Staples Swims Laps Ahead Of Convention

Unpredictable curveballs shake up the status quo, as “Big Fish Theory” aims to redesign his artistic destiny while examining the world around Long Beach's rap prince.

Review: No Oomph In Big Boi's "Boomiverse"

It's a fun affair but still doesn't reflect the Outkast member's true greatness.

Review: Buddy & Kaytranada's “Ocean & Montana” Sounds Unerringly Like Summer

Five hot songs to get you through four even hotter months.

Review: 2 Chainz Humbly Impresses On "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music"

It's a party!

Review: Vic Mensa's "The Manuscript" Marks A Career Refinement

Introducing a more focused artist.

Review: Gucci Mane & Metro Boomin's "DropTopWop" Brings Horrorcore To The Trap

Though it may sound better if they’d released n the fall, these memorable melodies still deliver chills in the warm season.

Review: Faith Evans Makes Lemonade From Lemon Zest On "The King & I"

The former First Lady of Bad Boy lends her powerful voice to the challenge of building songs around Biggie vocals.

Review: With "Ether," It's Time To Take B.o.B Seriously Again (Musically)

We cannot vouch for any "earth is flat" theories but that's not what this album is about.

Review: KRS-One's "The World Is Mind" Does His Catalog Little Justice

The Blastmaster brings his raw energy and commanding presence on the mic and boom-bap, but has some missteps along the way to the inner mind’s eye.

Review: "bloom" Harvests Machine Gun Kelly's Best Work To Date

A shining example of artistic growth mined by personal troubles and emotionally resonating themes.

Review: Brother Ali's Good Fight Continues With "All The Beauty In This Whole Life"

Positivity for a positive deficient world.

Review: Logic's "Everybody" Delivers In Ambition But Not Execution

Or should we say "flexicution?"

Review: DJ Quik & Problem's "Rosecrans" Album Is A-1 Cali Kush

The West Coast Renaissance continues.

Review: AD & Sorry Jaynari Drip Consistency On "Last Of The ‘80s"

The follow-up to last year's "By The Way" makes good on its fan retention goals.

Review: Young M.A's "Herstory" Needs Another Rewrite

Remember the days when studio debuts would result in lifetime achievement classic material? Just checking to see if you did.

Review: "Grey" May Be Kweku Collins' Calm Before The Storm

On his latest offering, the Illinois rapper continues to refine his songwriting while toeing the line between rap and R&B.

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